Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I need opinions!


I need some serious opinions.

Please leave comments or e-mail me @ ruby.dragoon@gmail.com.

Would you prefer I do one massive update at one time? Or… do up a final ‘patch’ to place the game with the more upbeat ending and then smaller patches for spelling corrections and other small fixes later on?


Thank you!



  1. I would say the second choice. That way we may be able to play the game and spot any bugs, crashes, whatever in case you may miss them.

    I think that releasing what you can will get people constantly excited, rather than one massive update that people may miss out or forget.

  2. Hi!

    So, what have you been able to do so far? Any differences since CE "beta"/youtube version expect bug fixes, I assume. Have you modified the story etc.? I am mainly interested in playing the final product but I don't mind whether you update occasionally. Is there still a lot to do? PSP support would be great, but I think it is not currently possible.