Monday, November 10, 2014


Greetings true believers!

No beating around the bush, or leading you on any longer... Here is the place for you to grab your own copy of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity RC-7D!

Here's the change log:
  • Fixed numerous text-wrapping/line-spacing issues
  • Fixed music bug in Gato's exhibit
  • Adjusted scroll locks/fixed bad tiles in a number of rooms
  • Fixed some instances of events giving a different amount of gold than the text boxes claim
  • Changed text at various story points that made references to events that hadn't happened yet or had already ended
  • Schala and Magus now actually hug each other in 65mil
  • Added a savepoint to King's Chamber before fighting Dalton
  • Fixed a game ending bug that triggers if you lose to Dalton  in the Guardia King's Chamber
  • Added various PC-specific dialogue in some areas
  • Fixed a number of tester-reported bugs
  • Ayla no longer appears twice in Chronopolis when you add her to your party
  • Fixed various game-ending bugs (they're getting pretty obscure, thankfully)
  • Fixed payout amounts in shooting gallery
  • Changed music in all rooms in DBT to Undersea Palace

Remember! Bugs are to be emailed to:!

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