Thursday, April 17, 2014

Greetings true believers!

Today we bring you another progress update on RC8, which we know has been a long time coming,
we found it vital that we have an in-house tool for documentation and labeling of the different areas of the game that are being worked on.
That tool has been finished and work has resumed on RC8!

We're still offering the SNES Pi's for purchase! Just send an e-mail to: to get the process started!

Thank you for staying with us and being such loyal fans!

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  1. Bug: Losing to Dalton in the Fall of Guardia sequence sends the game to the intro sequence at the beginning of a new game.

  2. Nice to know about new process.
    Is it possible to allow Epoch II to travel to 1AD? There seems to be an empty space on the rudder(looks like the original 2300AD slot).

  3. By the way, can you explain the differences between Magus's three ultimate weapons? The descriptions are a kind of confusing. <_<

    1. Say, where do you get those weapons anyway? Also, if you don't mind me asking, where is the best endgame spot for TP grinding?

    2. the nu in frogs woods is the best imo

  4. Please dont be mad I a fan just like you I do not plan to upset anyone, I love this place FoE and its community, but I figured you guys might like this ->

    ps: I downloaded the new CTM whit all the roms im currently playing Prophets Guile... Awesome, had played RC5-7 and waiting on version 8

    ps 2: ZNES >>>>>>> Snes9x

  5. Zsnes is outdated trash. Bsnes/Higan is best Snes emulator.

  6. What is the last version that was released and when is a new version coming out? The blog really needs a download button somewhere obvious