Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to deal with bugs you find in the game!

This is an informative post.
Any bugs you run across should be e-mailed to:
Be as detailed as you can with the e-mail. Let us know the area and what you were doing, also whether or not you were playing on a fresh game or a new game +

That is the e-mail account we use to deal with bugs!vw-bug-1937

Reporting bugs in blog comments will get the comments deleted. The reason for e-mail: We have a reporting and tracking system set up and e-mail is the most effective way of tracking things.


  1. I'm having a weird issue in the hidden Steel City arc. Every time Glenn rouses the troops, it resets back to the meeting in Zeal. Any idea what's up with that?

  2. You need to make sure his grand daughter didn't oversleep. Its a weird bug.

  3. "Steel City"? This is not FoE you're talking about, is it...?

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  5. Deleted my previous comment to make a couple of changes.

    Bugs -
    The death scene for Kino a child still thinks Kino is dead. He says he died on top Dactyl Nest while protecting Ayla and child. The child is in another hut to the left of Ayla's.

    Glenn is human except for when he is on the overworld where he reverts back to a frog.

    When Magus, Crono and Glenn are talking to Yaluk and Coyopa in their hut. Yaluk says Glenn is not a human when in reality he is. Glenn says he is a shapeshifter. He is no longer a frog in the game except for the overworld which also needs to be fixed.

  6. I submitted over a dozen mistakes to their email almost a week ago hopefully they will fix them. Still no response from them.