Thursday, February 3, 2011

Working! Still alive.


Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are still working to bring out the next build of FoE. We’ll be including a secret last boss this time around for you to find. Winking smile Not to mention fixes for the Ayla Tech bug.
So, stay tuned!

We are working on things and have not forgotten!


  1. The soon to be released 99% completed version of FoE. :D

    I've put off playing completely in anticipation of this update... O.O;;; That and I was beating ME2...

  2. ME2... Cannot wait until November for ME3!

  3. Yeah... My friend badgered me until I played the ME games. They're pretty fun, lots of good stuff going on but I can't believe how many little things they screwed up or just made stupid... It really could've used some proof-players. Just like this game atm. >_>

    A single play through should've seen a change in the land-rover on ME1, a change to the weapon system in ME2, the planet collection system, a decent way to make money at the end of the game like selling resources... It's completeness or polished offness has really fallen apart for me at the end. I never cheat in games but I literally did everything, had like 100k, 700k, 500k, 600k resources and needed 50k credits to buy every other item in the game so I cheated for creds to finish buying everything in the game which pisses me off, in no game should you HAVE to cheat to finish. It was either that or spend the next 100 years save-betting on Varren which is just a slower way of cheating.