Monday, September 19, 2011

CT: Flames of Eternity RC6 is HERE!!

Greetings True Believers!
I hope you’ve manned your TARDIS consoles, and steered your DeLorean’s just fine, and landed your Epoch’s where you can reach then again.

As we’re proud to give you the RC6 release of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity. You can grab it here!

This is release is due to the awesome efforts of Dark_Schneider and D.Adler. Minor tweaks and changes are rather numerous this time around, but we are working towards a true professional grade product now.

Fixes for RC6 include:

  • Coliseum no longer pink screens on Medium difficulty, it should be working all the way through
  • Spell naming scheme is fixed to what it was in the earlier FoE Beta's. No more '1' and '2' for spells.
  • End credits no longer display "UNUSED"
  • About 20+ Grammatical errors fixed

An idea we’ve been throwing around is changing the in-game font to something else. I’d like comments on this, we’ll be testing internally some builds with different fonts in the coming weeks.

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  1. All of your hard work is really staring to pay off. Keep it up, guys!!!

  2. Hi. Um I notice that Glenn's running sprite...I think you need fix that sprite because it look weird for running sprite. I don't mean negative comment. I just remind you if you didn't notice it.

  3. Thanks guys, you really have answered the dreams of a gaming generation. With regard to the font changes, I'd personally suggest against it as I really enjoy the classic feel. Also, I have noticed that on the world map Glenn's sprite is still Frog and if the default character names are changed there are inconsistencies through the dialogue. These really are minor things though and the game plays great! Just out of curiosity, would the team ever looking at doing a similar project on a different game? Thanks again and take care!

  4. Giro/Ruby and the rest of the team:

    I've been following Chrono fan-sequels since Resurrection. I observed the rise and fall of Crimson Echos; their beta was NOTHING compared to your remastered version... trust me, don't weep that it wasn't spread very far. The only true pity is that Giro wasn't on the original team, because his balls outweigh the collective bodymass of everyone involved in that fiasco. Seriously... serving our country and getting shot at while finishing coding on a netbook, simultaneously thumbing nose at Square for not doing something like this sooner VS knuckling under and bending over a barrel for Square's team of mighty lawyers and their illegitimate (look it up kiddies, a simple google search will shed light on the subject) and ill advised C&D like they've always enjoyed being on the forcibly receiving end of a sex crime. No contest.

    But this is a better game in many ways than Chrono Cross was. Cross had enough Chrono-quality content to fill perhaps two or three of yours or Trigger's chapters. I wouldn't hesitate to call this a trilogy. If they ever manage to make Break, then it would be a quartet.

    Good job and keep going. I'll eagerly devour each morsel you all churn out, like Zeality over said previously mentioned barrel.

    Wait, what?


    Doubting Thomas

  5. If you're changing the font, what about new windows too? I'd think it would be pretty cool if the Prophet's Guild window was usable in FoE

  6. While I appreciate the hard work that you guys put into this, I have to say that this game is so difficult that it's not fun nor worth playing. While the original CT was so easy that it got repetitive, the enemies and trash mob fights in this game are so hard that I try to avoid them - boss fights are impossible when each boss has several thousand health, can knock off 1/3 to 1/2 of your HP in each hit, goes straight into their attack after counterattacking and you do roughly 200-300 damage per turn using double techs. I spend most of my battles scramble healing. The plot is not deep enough to keep my interest over the impossible frustration that you've made of the combat system.