Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick update and a thank you and a reminder!


Greetings True Believers!

Just a quick update, I know we haven’t updated the FoE CTM package in a while, that will be done in a few days.

We also wanted to say Thank You to “Doubting Thomas”, as quoted below is his comment to a previous post of ours:
”Giro/Ruby and the rest of the team:
I've been following Chrono fan-sequels since Resurrection. I observed the rise and fall of Crimson Echoes; their beta was NOTHING compared to your remastered version... trust me, don't weep that it wasn't spread very far. The only true pity is that Giro wasn't on the original team, because his balls outweigh the collective bodymass of everyone involved in that fiasco. Seriously... serving our country and getting shot at while finishing coding on a netbook, simultaneously thumbing nose at Square for not doing something like this sooner VS knuckling under and bending over a barrel for Square's team of mighty lawyers and their illegitimate (look it up kiddies, a simple google search will shed light on the subject) and ill advised C&D like they've always enjoyed being on the forcibly receiving end of a sex crime. No contest.
But this is a better game in many ways than Chrono Cross was. Cross had enough Chrono-quality content to fill perhaps two or three of yours or Trigger's chapters. I wouldn't hesitate to call this a trilogy. If they ever manage to make Break, then it would be a quartet.
Good job and keep going. I'll eagerly devour each morsel you all churn out, like Zeality over said previously mentioned barrel.
Wait, what?
Doubting Thomas

You have made us laugh and also hit home a key point, we make this game for the fans and the fans alone. (This is the reason why we refuse PayPal donations and not ‘monetize’ the Blog and put ad’s up)

Lastly, just a reminder, DO NOT POST BUG REPORTS ON THE BLOG! Send a save state, a screen shot, and a description of the problem/issue in an e-mail to Bug reports posted in comments GET DELETED.

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  1. Chrono Trigger already is an official trilogy: 1. Chrono Trigger, 2. Radical Dreamers and 3. Chrono Cross.

    and doesn't Prophets Guile count for something? :D

  2. you guys are the best...
    really, I visit the blog every day for some news

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  4. Giro, would you care to elaborate why exactly you post a fan comment which severely insults the Crimson Echoes team? I think by featuring his comment prominently in your blog entry you show that you share his point of view.
    When did the guys from the Crimson Echoes team insult you? I read somewhere that they commented on your project that your "vision of the game is flawed" in their opinion but that is not half as offensive as saying "they lack the balls" to stand up against SquareEnix.

    Yes, I also read about the theories that they faked the Cease&Desist letter, which I suppose is the reason for the grudge that some people hold against them. But even if these bizarre theories were true: after all they still worked 5 years on the game which you used at a base for your own version of a Chrono Trigger sequel. If you have nothing nice to say about them, then the least you could do is [i]not to talk about them at all[/i].