Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mini-Guide Release and Informational Updates!

Greetings True Believers!

Today we bring to you the release of the Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity Mini-guide! Brought to us by the very talented Ryushin!

You can get your copy here!

We also are bringing news to you about our work on RC7. We've fixed a bug we received e-mails of concerning the blue imp in Truce Canyon. :D We're looking to include several more updates, be it a new font, more weapons (particularly for Magus!)

Keep your eyes peeled! We're not dead, we're still working!

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  1. I'm going to spill my thoughts here now, since I haven't on the last few releases.

    First of, I love what you did with the game. It's really great to play and I love the story, but I just want to be able to finally play it to end.
    The last release I played was RC4, and I haven't played the others because there always was another Release coming, with new content each time. So I waited until that release, but when I finally looked here again, there was a sign that there was yet another release coming, thus I waited again, and so on.

    So I just wanted to say, I hope it'll end soon. I've waited a long time to play already I hope this will be the final version.

  2. @hoolo You can play it too the end now, and keep your save data from previous RC versions. Your going to be waiting a long time otherwise. The game is far from polished.

  3. I know you can copy the save data, change the name of the file and play it again, but what bothers me is playing the game over and over again. The story stays the same, which can get really annoying after three times of playing it. Sure, there's the changes with alternate endings, and some of the text is 'fixed', but it's still the same, making me feel the magic of a great game goes away.

  4. Isn't that true of every game, ever made?

  5. Well, yes, but...
    That's the reason most people don't play games endlessly. After a while, what first felt magical becomes dull, and the motivation goes away.

    Which is exactly why I haven't played it since RC4, and hope it will be 'completed' at some time. Because at this rate, I am beginning to doubt it will ever be done.

  6. Look on the bright side of things. Since they're doing releases for every update, even if for whatever reason they couldn't work on it anymore, at least you'll have the most up to date/polished version! :P

    In my opinion it's the best way to operate.

  7. All I hear is "wine wine I want my free game wine wine"

  8. Clearly you're hearing is impaired. You should be be hearing "Whine whine I don't drink alcohol whine whine this game is never going to get a final release and that upsets me whine whine".

    Not the lack of alcohol is whine. Which is not wine.

  9. I cant get past the dream devourer, guide has no usefull information on bosses I think you made this game too hard, I liked the that the original CT was easy, save scumming is only tolerable up to a point

  10. Somebody really should make a better walkthrough for this game as sometimes you get stuck for not getting enough information.