Thursday, December 1, 2011

Continue Testing!

Greetings True Believers!

We're still testing RC7.

We're not dead, just keep your eyes peeled for when we release it.

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  1. It's nice to hear that everything is still running more or less smoothly. By the way, I wonder if you could do more frequent updates about what team is working on, etc. I'm patient, but seeing same message month long is little unsettling.


  2. It's really nice to hear that.

    Expecting for new updates...

  3. the longer in between releases the better,it is :D

  4. Can I ask something I just played the game and I have a doubt if Guardia fell (1005) why Guardia emblem is everywhere in central regime castle

  5. @Gianni
    1st: I think that it is used in Regime castle because it uses tile set from 1005. Creating another just simply to change one emblem is waste of memory.

    2nd: I know of at least one symbol/emblem that was used in far away times and was used not so long ago by mad dictator in Western Europe, so reusing a symbol and giving it a new meaning (be it good or bad) happens in reality too ;)


  6. Did you guys at the dev team played the pre-release version of CT?

    How about take some exclusive techs and import to the FoE?

    I'm watching this video:

    Good work!

  7. Fyi. Chrono Trigger just got released for iPhone!