Saturday, December 17, 2011

Release of RC7! GRAB IT NOW!!

Greetings true believers!

Here we have the RC7 release of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity!
Changes to this version of FoE is as follows:
   - Various bug fixes
   - Added 3 new ultimate weapons for Magus
   - Fixed bug causing freeze in Truce Canyon in 604AD

Happy Holidays from the RubyDragoons and as always… SHARE AND ENJOY!



  1. Is it compatible with RC6 saves? (not save states)

  2. So, is this the ultimate release? o:

    Also, three ultimate weapons for Magus? That is a contradiction. There is one ultimate weapon, and then comes the penultimate, and then some other word. I am confused. D:

  3. Three ultimate weapons... Let's just say it's like having "three best friends".

  4. This isn't technically a bug or glitch, but I felt it was pertinent. The new Scythes are awesome, but a player with an hour of free time can easily have one of them on their first playthrough. On a non-NG+ I just made it to 64,999,999,995 B.C., Magus is level 14, no tabs or boosts. With The Sladen I'm destroying any given enemy in 2 hits. Maybe these should be quest-chain rewards? At least, I don't think they should be available as soon as the player reaches Chronopolis.

  5. I can't download!
    Re-upload plz.

  6. @JS:
    I've got three scythes easily, I simply played at the casino for hour or two. Put them in a quest or Coliseum, it's too easy to obtain uber weaponry at such low level, kills idea of buying or finding other scythes.
    Also, is there Galaxy Club Card in the game? ;D

  7. How am I able to do max damage to anything with the scythes? lol

  8. Where can I find the scythes?