Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SNES Pi running Flames of Eternity!

Greetings true believers!

Today I bring you footage that I have shot with the help of my young assistant (he’s 7 and LOVES Chrono Trigger). The first video is of our SNES Pi testing unit and showing you that it is controlled via the controller, Smile and that the Pi’s run Flames of Eternity at full speed!

Initial Start up and Intro!

And lastly, we have a short video showing off the expanded 2305 Overworld map (we’ve also included the Mall Easter Egg. We think its awesome!) Don’t mind the voice overs.. >_> The focus is the game anyway! Open-mouthed smile

The easter egg in the mall! :D

Share and enjoy!


  1. There are no people in South Zenan. Is it because it's a work in progress?
    BTW, will North Zenan and Medina be included in the future release?

    1. Yep- all the rest of the Southern Zenan NPC's should be added for RC-8. Medina should be ready too, but Northern Zenan may wait for the next release.

  2. Ive got the FOE raspberry pi and i love it! Ive been getting some auido lag on the menu screens and some FPS slow downs durring some tech animations. Im running HDMI to a computer monitor with computer speakers plugged into the 1/8 inch audio jack. would that affect it? or did i change a setting somewhere?

  3. We've had lag on some of the more elaborate techs, but apart from that, the game runs just fine. :) Your setup works fine just the same!

  4. just received it today, but I have no sound ?? do I need to do something secial a part form pluging the Hdmi and Controller ??