Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SNES Pi updates! More awesome information!

Greetings true believers!

This is an informational update that we bring you today! We're still offering the SNES Pi's with Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity on them. We're also expanding what you can have done with your SNES Pi at the time that you order it! :)

You now have the option of having additional SNES games loaded onto your SNES Pi! (At the cost of 0.50 per game!) Also you have the option of having XBMC (Xbox Media Center) added onto your Pi installation as well ( At the cost of $10). Thus you'll be able to turn your SNES Pi into an all in one game system and streaming box! (XBMC control is done through a smart phone app available on the Google PlayStore.)

What does it all mean?? Well, you'll be able to play Flames of Eternity, and other SNES games that you request, and play your movies, music, and tv shows all through your SNES Pi!

We didn't offer these options earlier because we had to fine tune and configure our test Pi. (This includes some configuring in Linux which isn't easy at all. Trust us on this.)
We also do international shipping - Another FYI!

So, if all of this sounds very interesting to you, and you would like to order one, shoot an email to: enhasaorders@gmail.com to get the process started! :D

(We'll send you a list of games to choose from! )

All bug reports should be emailed to: enhasaenhancements@gmail.com, please include a description of your find, a screen shot of the bug, and a snapshot from your emulator too!

We're also in talks to get officially endorsed SNES reproduction cartridges going as well. Stay tuned!

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