Monday, May 29, 2017

New things on the horizon!!

Greetings True Believers!

Despite all evidence to the contrary, FoE is not dead! Work continues (very) slowly but surely.
Here's some news about the next update:
It will be known as RC-8
It will feature a new quest which takes you all over 2305 AD, including Northern Zenan and Medina!
These two areas have never been accessible in 2305 before.

It will include several new maps and 2 new dungeons!
It will include lots of fixes to bugs, many of which were reported by the community.
It will NOT be the final release, although subsequent releases will most likely contain further bugfixes, rather than new content.

We hope we still have some fans hanging on despite the long absence of updates. This is a decently large quest that's being added, so we want to take our time and make sure everything looks and plays well. Unfortunately, that means there's still a ways to go before it comes out. Expect something within the next few months. We will try to get updates out more regularly to give you an idea of our progress.

Thanks for everyone's loyalty- let's keep that Dream of Zeal alive!

P.S.: Here are screen shots of some of the new areas!

As you can see, we have been busy.

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  1. 1st comment! and even this is made ard 2 days after the post so i think most people already given up waiting. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Did you guys consider nerfing the ultimate weapons for Magus that were added in RC7 or adding a flame absorbing armor?

  3. People will return for sure...

  4. Amazing to see this is still being worked on!

  5. If you have to play on a device which doesn't support the music companion app, like on a phone or PSP, will Flames of Eternity still work and still have at least some appropriate music?

    1. The hack has some instruments changed in the well-known CT songs.

    2. Yep, it will still work fine. All the testing is done with the "stock" music (some instruments changed, but all within what the SNES hardware and/or emulators can handle). The music companion app is an independent add-on: it's optional, but it adds a fresh feel to the game, if you want something a little different.

    3. I've managed to use the Companion app to give most of the game music from Front Mission: Gun Hazard. If anyone is interested in the music and the tracklist, mail me:

      Anyway, Snes9x seems to be still hard to use with Flames of Eternity. Freezes often.

  6. I never gave up hope! I cant wait to see the new build!

  7. curious, will my save from rc7 transfer to rc8?

  8. I think so, once even crimson echoes savegames may be loaded in flames of eternity games.

  9. Hi I'm translating the ct flames rc7, but I came across a bug, when some texts
    Are many great and I save u in TF, it bug the frog sprite

    1. That's because the frog sprite is saved in a different place in the FoE ROM than it was in the original CT ROM. You have to tell TF not to use that section of memory, otherwise it will overwrite frog's sprites. In TF, open a copy of the ROM where frog's sprite is OK. Go to Window > Custom Data. In the screen that appears, click "new", and fill it out like this:
      Slot: 0
      Start Offset: 4742D0
      End Offset: 47DE2F
      Max Size: 10000
      Points To: Data, Simple
      Compressed: False
      Override Free Space: False
      Total Pointers: 0

      That will tell TF to protect the part of the ROM where frog's sprite is stored. Unfortunately, if you already have a ROM where frog's sprite is messed up, there's no way to fix it. You just have to go back to the last ROM where frog's sprite was good. That's why every time I modify the ROM, I "Save As" and make it a new version.

  10. Olá queria saber se vc podem manda águas tutorial, de comandos no evento wovword. Não sei me manipula aqueles comandos??

  11. This is soooo coool, definitely playing this with my girlfriend, she loved the original, and she will surely love this one. I will be following this closely. Thank you.

    1. Lucky you, you have a girlfriend who loves Crono Trigger! Does she have a sister? ;)