Monday, December 20, 2010

In NEED of testers!!!!

Alright, I need people to test out a build that is supposedly compatible with SNES9x and it has the Glenn patch applied.

To test, e-mail me @
Note Glenn -------------------------------------->

The picture is thanks to a VERY talented artist who goes by the handle of "Kame Turtle"

EDIT: Testing is on going as I have had a small response. This is something that has been asked of me for quite a while now. So please, if interested, E-MAIL!!!!
UPDATE: On some of my personal testing so far, I have had no issues on my Wii.


  1. Hey I'm wondering

    Did you hear of the MSU1 chip? You should look it up.

  2. The dialect Glenn uses is actually terrible.

    I completely understand wanting to make Glenn speak old english again, but what you have made him speak isn't even old english.

    If you are going to do this, do your research to make it sound legitimate. If you aren't going to do your research, then put it back the original way because in the Japanese version of Chrono Trigger, Glenn didn't speak old english.