Friday, December 17, 2010

TheNattak patch! :D

Today sees a very welcome update from TheNattak:

“- Reworked the intro and character naming at start
- Fixed a glitchy battle with Dalton at the fair Gato Exhibit
- Fixed the Vision Serpent so it shows up during battle
- Fixed a bad tile on the overworld map next to Fiona's Forest
- Fixed a bad tile in the Museum
- Added boss music track back to the Lion Tank battle on Zenan Bridge
- Swapped out Magus's portrait for another one”

This is the link to the latest build.

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EDIT: Updated the ROM again, fixed an area where it was having the name screen coming up in the wrong spot.

PS: I am looking for people willing to test a PORTABLE version of FoE, this means one that works on PSP's, DS's (if you have the right emulators) and other portable systems. If you are interested, e-mail me:
As this build will not be made available publiclly.


  1. Nice update! It's also delightful news that you're trying to make a PSP combatible Flames of Eternity. In a way I would be interested in testing it as I haven't played the game much yet. On the other hand, I am kind of slow playing through games so that might be an issue to apply. How does the portable version differs from the other version? Frog instead of Glenn I assume.

  2. Quick question. I know this has probably been asked a lot but I have an older build. Old as in before the FoE ending was fixed. There's no way for me to download the newest build, patch it somehow and start on my old game where I left off is there?

  3. Please for the love of everything Chrono Trigger, get this up and running on Snes9xGx for the Wii Homebrew app. I would love to play it on my tv and unfortunately Zsnes doesn't have an option to do that through the Wii. I'm a very sad camper at the moment.

  4. As it says IN THE POST, if you want a copy of the Portable version (Which is SNES9x compatible) you'll need to E-MAIL HIM!

  5. @Yjeizz; Just rename your .SRM file to match the name of the latest build. Trust me, I used to work on this project when it first started.

  6. With the Glenn patch applied, it does not work on the PSP.