Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More updates!

Today brings us two things, first a minor game update by Giro, and two the Sidequest guide by Dark_Schnider, Kat M, and Giro! Open-mouthed smile
The minor update fixes an issue with the endings and also brings our build to late beta.

This is the link for the Sidequest guide
This is the link for the update!

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  1. Wouhouu !! might be able to see the neding now and not have it loop a loop .. :P

  2. I've tweaked the Agent 86 and Glenn dialogue. Look forward to it in an upcoming update hopefully. ;D

  3. Just a note to everyone:
    You can start the Knights and the Johnny sidequests early, but you can't finish them until everything else becomes available.

  4. Oh shiiiiiit. Don't know what version I have, but I've been playing it for hours (I'm a the point where Magnus goes into some dream about Zeal? Is that where it diverges from CE? Because the CE walkthrough doesn't have that bit and frankly I'm stuck...)

    So.... if I update to the version that actually let's me BEAT THE GAME I'm going to have to start over??!?

    All these hours...

  5. @Arlo: You should be able to just change the name of the .srm file to match the new .smc and your save files (but not states) will carry over.

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  7. I've been swapping back and forth between multiple versions. It's caused a little screwyness but nothing insurmountable.

    Coming from a really old version there were/are supposed to be some big problems or glitches with the game.

    If you newgame+ and find a way into the scene select room (Which was supposed to be accessible through an added portal in a room in Lucca's house?) You can just move to where you were at.

    I noticed the new versions pop it up and just skip it when you start the game though. Not that it doesn't make sense to skip it, I tried once moving forward to a later chapter to read dialogue and I couldn't beat one monster haha. But it can be useful when newgame+ing and going back to where you were at.

  8. Thanks for the tips, I'll try just switching to the new update (after backing up my srm, of course).

    I'm really liking the project so far. I'm going to play through FE, then back through CT, CC, and then CE now that the full version is out. Great to see all this fan based stuff out there.

    I'm actually amazed by the technical prowess of both teams doing the "hacks". I mean, hacking up a level in SMW is one thing, and as I understand it, when DeJap and other translation groups translated ROMs back in the day they had to somehow figure out how to stretch and relink the internal jumps in the ROM to add more text. But this kind of thing is on a whole other level.

    Are there any pages out there that describe how a SNES rom could be entirely rescripted? Is the scripting done differently than the actual programming code, or is it decompiled into assembly and then edited, or? Man, I consider myself a bit of a geek, but I gotta give nerd cred where it's due!

  9. Bug?

    That's right after you get back from 12001 Zeal at night and he's describing the the history of magic.

    I'm using the latest SNES9x.

    Guess I'll have to wait for that tidbit of history till later.

  10. Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I was getting from swapping around. Some weird graphic glitches that will eventually clear up with resetting and resaving or going back and forth again.

    Like the guy in the town at the start of the game says though, use ZSNES, SNES9x will eventually glitch out at some point in the game. ;D

    As for your other question... There's a ton of good info around this site:

    And here's probably more what you're looking for... Combined with information from the documents and utilities section there's all kinds of cool stuff there. ;D

    That's really most useful if you want to edit a game already existing of course. If you want to do your own thing there's always RPG maker.

  11. Except... Flames of Eternity should work with SNES9x. That guy at the start may say it, but I thought it could be a carry-over from CE, because I remember seeing it on the playthrough of CEMemorial.

    By the way, Arlo, don't you think you're missing something? Something like Radical Dreamers? Believe me, it may be small, but Chrono Cross was inspired by Radical Dreamers.
    Something about having to release RD fast, and then the guy made Chrono Cross to tie all ends together, or something. It's really something else, too...!

  12. I don't consider Radical Dreamers or Chrono Cross sequels to Chrono Trigger.

    They're just... Not good enough.

  13. Chrono Cross was a good game, it just doesn't match very well with Chrono Trigger. Honestly, aside from the occasional fanservice here and there, it was more suited to be a Final Fantasy game.

    That said, I just discovered this project today. I'm really glad someone decided to take it up. I'd like to extend my personal thanks to the developer for this, and curse him for taking up the rest of my week. So much for sleeping tonight.

  14. Wait for the next build to sink your teeth in. You'll thank yourself for it... Or at least you would if you knew the difference.