Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newest update!

Greetings true believers!
Both the NG+ and vanilla play through came back as positive with no errors. So, I gladly present to you the Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity RC1 release! Open-mouthed smile

This is the link to the latest release.
If you need further instruction on how to update your CTM package with this, do not be afraid to send us an e-mail!

Share and Enjoy!
PS: Updates will be occasional from now on, but should be nothing major from this point forward. We had a great time tweaking and updating this hack to bring you the most enjoyable CT experience possible.


  1. So where does this fit into the time line with Crono Trigger, Crono Cross and Echoes of Time?

  2. This is a more direct follow-up/sequal of Chrono Trigger. It uses the same beloved world, characters and known events and creates a continuation of the storyline 5 years in the future when new trouble starts to brew.

    Chrono Cross is an alternate dimension if I'm not mistaken, I really didn't like that game or it's story at all so I've personally disregarded it's existence. That being said this does use elements of Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamer's storyline in it's plot, creating a sort of go between game.

    In my opinion though this is CT's sequal how it should have been. Chrono Cross is like an awkward fail grandchild... That eats paste and thinks it's classy.

    Echoes of Time is a Final Fantasy game so it doesn't have ... Any relation at all.

  3. Wrong Echoes :) I meant Crimson Echoes, the project that got killed by Square-Enix

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  5. It's sort of a clean up of Crimson Echoes. Or a finishing or a polishing off or a continuation. Altering/finalizing.

    You could sort of call CE an alpha for FoE. A lot has been changed from it now. This would be the version to play and it's still being fixed up and added to so if you see something wrong or bugged you can E-mail or ask on the comments here so it can be fixed or someone can tell you how to work around it for the time being to complete the game.

  6. I beta tested this build with a new save file and had no issues. A fellow tester ran an NG+ run and his was clean also. You should have no issues playing through it ^.^

  7. The bug continues.
    I sent a email, but I think no one saw.
    When I use Cyan Cover with Magus, Double Tap hits 8803

  8. Shh! That Cyan Cover/Double Tap trick is an enhancement, not a bug!

  9. Vanilla is anything original/plain.

    I first heard it a lot with WoW. Vanilla WoW was World of Warcraft before any expansions. Why people insist on using it is another story though, it's kind of a retarded and nonsensical euphamism.

  10. Hey what happens when you get stuck?
    Anyone make a guide for this yet?

    I cant get past that part where you have to beat kongo and catch all the frogs, I never get the dance right, can anyone help?

  11. Just stopping by to say GREAT job with this, I was pleasantly surprised how well done this is. I wanted to let you guys know though I found a glitch in the Ocean Palace ruins about 2 hrs in, when fighting the two statue things by the save point, for some reason if you use Robos techs in that battle it freezes. Only issue I've found so far. Thanks guys for all your hard work!