Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slight Tweak


Giro has come through with a slight tweak to the RC1 build of FoE, this is only a minor change with the hidden boss in the Dinopolis tower, as you should be able to do more than single digits worth of damage to it. Giro mentions that this boss will also drop Crono’s most powerful sword upon defeating it, so it gives you good motivation to go ahead and try and find this boss. Open-mouthed smile

This is the link to that build.

A side note, there is another project in the works, but by a fellow CT modding team.

“For those out there who are CE purists, there is a version in the works entitled: Crimson Echoes Fan Mix, this version is going to feature fully remixed music, about twice as many side quests, and a lot more polish, to the point that it can blind you if left in direct sunlight. There are no download links available to this project, as this is closed development, but when it will be available, we will point you in the direction of where to find it”


  1. How the heck do you get to Dinopolis in the first place? Do I have to start a New Game + for the hidden boss?

  2. Is it the huge Dino boss behind the door?
    I hope not because it didn't drop anything for me. :(

  3. Is this part of the CTM nonsense? If it is I for one don't particularly like the music changes...The original music is great, this stuff is kind of just... Distracting.

  4. Hey what happens when you get stuck?
    Anyone make a guide for this yet?

    I cant get past that part where you have to beat kongo and catch all the frogs, I never get the dance right, can anyone help?

  5. Johel, unless you want the armour, you should try the other frogs. You only need 5 to get more than Kong, so getting them at the others would be better in that case.
    In case you really get stuck, you should check FaustWolf's playthrough of Crimson Echoes on YouTube.

  6. Does this version also work on snes9x, wii and psp ports of snes9x and etc?

  7. @Hoolo

    I've tried everything man, i've even seen the crimson echoes playthrough, and whenever i have to press R for the frogs to show, although he does the movement nothing happens, and im at the exact spot they're supposed to show, none of the frogs show up when i press R, i really dont get it..

  8. I was stuck on the frogs also. I dunno what it is about that part but I could not even find any of the hidden frogs. Also in agreement, that dance no matter what I do will not work. I had to send my save file in and get moved past the frogs haha.

    I would think it might be a problem with using old save files on newer versions but my file was used and moved past that spot so I don't know what it is.

    Also if you beat him do not go back and talk to the Reptite again then go back in the hut then back to the forest. It will retrigger the event without a timer so you will be stuck in that scene forever. ;D Just a heads up haha.

  9. Well I gave up, I found out you could just skip that part so I just watched the whole extra scene on the crimson echoes playthrough and moved on.

    I actually sent an e-mail about it but got no answer so I decided to post here.

  10. Well... I was told it's doable and don't be such a wuss. ;p I'll bug him about it more.

  11. I'm way ahead of those frogs, but I'm stuck aswell. I don't remember how I got past the frogs, I think I just got five then passed...

    (The war is between Reptile and Humans)

    I am at this very moment playing as Marle, all alone in age: "1" and I don't know what to do next. It's snow and ice all over the map. I walk around, all alone and I was being told to find a girl who is lost. I got the mission from Cedric Guardia. Anyone knows where to find the girl who is lost?

    Not only Marle got the mission to retrieve the lost girl, a bunch of other humans. As you go to the woods where you are supposed to it's not very practically to explore the ground. As everytime you walk out of path you return to the world map. (Like trapdoor/traproom in that castle of Zeal playing Magus.(Cermony)). Anyone gotten through this scene/part of the game? I am really confused right now.

  12. http://img231.imageshack.us/i/snakingforest1.jpg/


  13. That's odd.. how are you past the frogs but still stuck on that part with marle? Im preety sure its before the frogs... Anyway I got past that part, to get through the snaking forest, you gotta go by trial and error, but I found the way by going through the path where there was usually a monster guarding it, when you get to a part where there are no monsters, you have to follow some rocks on the floor, then you get to a point where there are 2 monsters standing atop the screen that don't attack you and tell you to leave, at that point if im not mistaken you have to go left. Hope this helps.

  14. There's a part to catch frogs way earlier in the game. It's not the part we're all talking about. He hasn't reached the point other people are stuck at. He just completed the earlier one.