Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity RC4 is here

Enough teasing with bad youtube footage!

Here is the link to the RC4 release of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity.

As noted in a previous post, the changelog includes:

- Introduction scenes
- Fixed Choras Casino ( We held out for a long time on this one, it was never high on our list )
- A few more dialogue polishes
- Removal of the chapter select menu ( It has to go, sorry everyone, no more skipping around )

So go get your gambling on if you’re into that kind of thing.

As always,
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EDIT1: A pic of RC4 on the Pandora... Because I can! >:D


  1. I thought they were getting rid of the old timey Glenn and keeping Frog as a smart ass

  2. I read ingame that the game should be played on an updated version of ZSNES, otherwise on an older version of ZSNES or Snes9X the game will eventually glitch......

    I'm currently usin an updated version of Snes9X, that is Snes9x 1.53, should I still worry?

    Anyway such a great game, I woldn't mind gettig used to another emulator, as long as i get to play FoE .... =)

  3. So...
    Will this be the final RC? I've been keeping myself out of the previous updates because I'd find it highly unlikely I can play the game over again for every time it gets a little polishing and update.

    Also, as Joe asked, does playing this on Snes9X cause any problems and/or glitches? I really do prefer 9x over ZSNES, due to small things, and because I used 9x before ZSNES, so I'm more used to that. :D

  4. im wating for the crimson echoes fan mix

    although im loving this RC4 already XD kino is alive XD and ayla has 2 kids and theres snoo snoo LOOOL

  5. RC4 is compatible with any version of SNES9x, to play with the CTM, I recommend using ZSNES. :)


  6. this might be a dumb question but where can i find the CTM i looked and the old link is the one with a previous version of ctfoe together how do i find it by itself so i can use it for this new version?

  7. so.. like a few people already asked... IS THIS RC4 THE FINAL VERSION??

  8. @123 its probably not the final version untill they say there going to release one

  9. Hey, Giro, That Pandora picture must be pretty old unless you stuck my intro back into it for some reason ._.

    By the way, when you read this, I think I'm gonna start working on the project again, so send me some updated stuff on MSN.

  10. Nice job, guys, this version looks to be a lot more finished. I'm glad to hear the casino bugs have been fixed also.