Friday, July 1, 2011

Informational post on testing procedures!

While testing is underway on RC4, I felt like we would inform you on our testing procedures and devices!

We have several people playing the game on different platforms, these include:
-PSP Slim with Custom Firmware
-PC using CTM (the other half of the FoE Project, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but the game must run with this.)
-Pandora Handheld console (THE Device for Retro gaming enthusiasts!)

Now, using these three devices, we’re able to cover every avenue for failure, and why is that?

The PSP Slim and the Pandora both run a version of SNES9x, which is considered the universal SNES Emulator, its on everything.

The PC tester has it a little bit more lucky, using CTM, it runs with ZSNES, which can run almost any SNES Rom in existence blazingly fast! As well as having the cool MP3 quality sound track accompanying the game.

So there you have it!

Share and enjoy!


  1. Quick question- have you ever considered using bsnes? It's apparently the most accurate SNES emulator out there. It's also probably a better option than ZSNES, since ZSNES is... pretty outdated, and that's putting it nicely. bsnes can even do the MP3 soundtrack through a special chip known as MSU-1, but you'll probably have to tweak the soundtrack to make it work with MSU.

    That being said, thanks for continuing this project!

  2. ive done extensive testing of RC3 on ps3 and my psp 3k XD

  3. Why not use BSNES in our testing? CTM is coded to use ZNES and a few other emulators, that's why. I'm not going to argue emulators, I love using BSNES for playing my game on a PC that I don't have CTM downloaded onto (there are two) and I also won't argue emulators. :P

  4. Ive been testing it on my iPod, and so far its good. Trough I can't pass chronos flame trial, I'm just left in a room that doesn't respond to anything a chest, a statue and some pillars, that's all.