Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The road to completion! -Informational update-


Greetings true believers!

RC4 brought with it a few minor tweaks under the hood of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity, and you should have noticed quite a bit more polish placed upon the game.

We’re in the midst of working on testing of RC5 for Flames of Eternity.
The biggest change in the coming version is an overhaul of the Coliseum feature in the 2305 Era.

Why you may ask? To put it rather bluntly, the Coliseum featured in the previous versions of FoE have been the remains of the CE product that FoE once was, which means it was riddled with bugs and the area was broken, you would have noticed random crashes and an unforgiving difficulty with it.

We’ve changed over the Coliseum coding to the version used in the still unreleased Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Fan Mix (This project has NOTHING to do with the original Crimson Development team). So, when released, you will notice on top of the remixes (taken from the Fan Mix) but the Coliseum as well will be from the Fan Mix.  (As portions of FoE will be used in the Fan Mix, yep, Glenn!)

Consider it a preview of sorts.

Stay tuned for further updates!
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  1. sooo awesome cant wait are you guys gonna change the sprites in the coming revisions and fan mix like sorin,william,ozzie,dalton,dinopolis?

  2. Absolutely Awesome, all we´ll now need is an CT MMO...

  3. Hi, hi. I'm playing this game and... it's amazing.

    I just want to say how awesome it is that you took the time to make this well thought out sequel (hopefully Square Enix makes their own someday).

    Anywho, I am using ZSNES for Mac and I've found 2 parts where the game freezes...

    • Fighting the blue bell bird right when you arrive in 600 AD for the first time.
    • Mid-Way thru the fight with Kasmir in the cave (I can't get past this part, as it keeps freezing)


    Thanks in advance! :)

  4. @Patrick
    Yes, try it with Snes9x!

  5. So, we do get an RC5.
    And I actually liked the old Coliseum. Having 1 HP Glen with Braveheart killed the Nu in one of the levels in no time, so TP were easy to get and maxing Techs went nicely.

  6. i also forgot the glen overworld sprite

  7. I love your work RubyDragoons, but can you inject a character naming window like in the official Chrono Trigger game? In the latest RC4 build you just begin as Chrono, it would be awesome if we could edit the character names!

  8. ._. You guys still haven't fixed the naming thing? Before you release RC5, throw me a copy and I'll put it in for you ;)

  9. Any plans on making changes to the End of Time? Where is Gaspar and you cant get in the room with Spekkio??