Thursday, January 20, 2011

Major Updates!


This is the first in a series of major updates to FoE. This build is based off of the leaked 98% baseline.
In this version you will find:

1) Playable Glenn

2) The New techs

3) Cleaner dialogue

4) No sickening Afterschool special love subplots

5) No Emo Crono

In the next release, we will port the music remixes back over.
This is the link to the newest build.

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P.S. >> If you need instructions on how to update your CTM collection with this build, just drop me an e-mail @: I try to answer all e-mailed questions personally and in a timely manner.

EDIT 1: A few issues were brought to my attention concerning this build, these were errors left in the 98% baseline that we moved over to. I have since forth fixed this issue with Johnny not being in the Mall where he needs to be. The fix has been pushed to the link above, so, game on! :D

EDIT 2: I highly recommend starting a new game + if you're using your save from a previous build. Some data has been moved around a bit since we moved to the new baseline and things are a tad buggy if you're continuing from your previous spot using the build released on the 2nd of January. As always BUGS NEED TO BE E-MAILED TO ME AND NOT POSTED ON THE BLOG IN COMMENTS!


  1. Really do hope that the barter sidequest can be completed, yup yup. Stuck with 5 MoldyBreads in one of the last releases, :(

  2. This is really interesting. Thanks!

  3. Actually, never mind my last comment, I finally found how to finish that sidequest ;)
    Damn Medina Imp.