Monday, January 24, 2011

A tad more tweaking

I have been tweaking the build over the course of today.
So, that means a few changes, some would consider them not so major.
Lucca's house, 2nd Floor, in one of the rooms is the gate to the 'ending selector'.
Some of these are not complete, and they were left over from the original CE build.
One of them has been removed due to being related to the original CE team (this should make sense as we are not the Compendium or Kajar Labs nor affiliated with either.)
This is the link to the build.
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1 comment:

  1. I'm enjoying your version of the game. I couldn't find enough information about the differences between the two. All I based my decision on was "replaced Naruto..." etc. etc. anime references to FF6 references. I didn't know anything about the animes listed and figured I'd enjoy FF6 references more but so far I'm having fun with your game.

    I got linked here by trying to look up Agent 86 and his weird accent. He sounds exactly like Pickles the drummer from Metalocalypse. XD Which is kind of funny but mostly really-really annoying to read and the "comedy" is 100% unnecessary in the storyline.

    Anyways, was he altered/removed from the newest versions yet?