Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recent Developments and Work under way


I have some good-ish news. As someone went and leaked the Crimson Echoes 98% build onto reddit recently.

What does this mean for FoE?
Well, it means I am going to retool and change the baseline build of FoE to that one. Which means that the next release will be close to the finished product. I am still working on getting all of the changes ported over (I’ve accumulated a lot of documentation that I need to sort through and then apply to this new baseline build)

Be aware, I am working the issue, but the next release will include the new techs I’ve been promising. There will also be a few noticeable cosmetic changes as well.

Thanks for staying on board with us!


  1. i can't find any information on this. is it the version that leaked shortly after the project was cancelled? because that's not really thr 98% version