Friday, November 22, 2013

Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity RC-7B released!!

Greetings true believers!

This is the post that most of you have been waiting for! The release of RC-7B puts more updates into your Chrono starved hands! You will be able to find a copy of it here. The change log for this release is as follows:
  • Re-tiled 2305 mall map to get layers correct
  • Expanded 2305 OW map
  • Made map links to top center room (stairs) and middle slightly left room (w/ door) correct
        (far left, far right, and middle right (w/ door) rooms still not correct)
  • Changed Magus's super weapons vendor to human, and added storyline checks
      -First arrive in 2305, cannot sell anything
      -Stoyline >= 3C, can sell items only
      -Storyline >= C6, can sell Magus's super weps
  • Added pre-war history to New Dorino Library
            Additionally, what this is means is that we are no longer offering the SNES Pi: Flames of Eternity Edition package for sale, we are offering simply preconfigured SNES Pi’s available for purchase! If you are interested, e-mail:!
            Now go get the CHRONO TRIGGER ALL OVER YOUR HANDS!

            Share and Enjoy!

            ADDED 221420NOV2013:
            SNES Pi: Flames of Eternity editions have been shipped, if you bought one, you should have recieved a tracking number via e-mail! :D


            1. Awesome. Looking forward to checking this out

            2. I was under the impression that the deal was going to be available until the "end" of Friday ie today.
              Oh well, guess I won't bother with it.

              1. Sage Owl, contact us @ please. :)

            3. Thanks for the great work.
              Are we being able to skip the introduction?

            4. Yes you can. Lemme update the blog post! >.<

            5. question time!
              if i play this on my psp will i be able to transfer the save on to my NEW RASPBERRY PI?

              1. Yes, you will. Its just a matter of renaming the save file appropriately and placing it in the right folder on the Pi via SFTP. :)

            6. Is it just me or does the song Peaceful Days have some weird glitchy/popping sounds going on in the middle of the song? I know you guys changed the tunes or style of the song, but it just doesn't sound like it goes there.

              1. You are not the only one. This glitch doesn't occur on less accurate emulator, but if it occurs on more accurate emulator then it probably occurs on real console too.