Thursday, November 7, 2013


Greetings True Believers!

So, as suspected, we were throwing around ideas for a tangible CT: Flames of Eternity product that you could call your very own and we have come to an amazing solution.

After much research, and scouring of the net, we have decided to take the next step, and we have settled upon offering an "SNES Pi Flames of Eternity Edition" package.

'Giro, what does this mean?', you are probably asking yourself. Well, we are going to start taking orders for a Raspberry Pi based Emulation System, this would be a small, assembled and configured console that you could plug into your TV, power on, and start playing Flames of Eternity! NO SNES NEEDED!! ZOMG! IT WORKS ON HDTV!!

WE ARE NOT CHARGING FOR FLAMES OF ETERNITY, let us get this fact out into the open right from the get-go. We are not charging for ANY of the software that we will be using to make these.

What will come in this awesome package?

Here are the contents of what you would be getting:
1) Raspberry Pi SNES configured out of the box (Signed by Giro)
2) USB SNES controller (Not the ones with the crappy plastic buttons for start and select, but genuine RUBBER for that ye olde schoole feel!)
3) Power Supply
4) HDMI Cable
5) Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity Strategy Guide/Art Book (Done up nice and cute like) signed by the developers of both teams

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

"Ye Gods Giro! What about the cost man? What about the COST!?"

This is the beautiful part, we will ONLY charge for the hardware and shipping. So this awesome-sauce package will cost a good $80 each.
Now, the back bone of these will be running on Linux, so you know it will be reliable and only crash or tank due to an "Act of God" [That's IT speaks for accident/natural disaster].

Now the only thing holding the "SNES Pi Flames Of Eternity Edition" back is that we need a small number of people to order one. We are looking for between 5 - 15 people to order one of these.

To start this process rolling, e-mail:!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome idea!

    Will it be possible to put other SNES Roms on the thing so we can use it as a SNES Emuolator instead of a Flames of Eternity Console? :)

  2. Yes! Of course! We will include instructions for uploading other games to this too!

    1. Awesome!

      I'm sure I will be getting one then :)

  3. does it have to run on HD? i have an SD tv.

    1. or would it be possible to get it on a cart?

    2. The raspberry pi supports both sd and hdtvs. We will not be putting this on a cartridge.

  4. I'm totally down for one. Can the Raspberry Pi use/support other controllers? I ask because I have an icontrolpad 1 and 2 coming my way :v