Monday, November 18, 2013

Testing commences!

Greetings True Believers!

This is an informational update, we are currently goign through the play test of the next release of Flames of Eternity, dubbed "RC7-B" by the Enhasa Enhancements developers! We have completed assembly of the first of the SNES Pi Flames of Eternity Editions, this includes getting the guides printed. We're waiting for the play testing to finish on RC7-B before we ship these out to their eagerly awaiting homes. :)

How the release of RC7-B is going to work, the day that we release RC7-B on the blog is the day that we are going to send out the SNES Pi's. The Pis will have RC7-B on them, but due to shipping (USPS Priority Mail), you'll be able to RC7-B here first (just no hardware to play it on unless you order a SNES Pi. ;)

After the release of RC7-B, we will no longer offer the "Flames of Eternity Edition" package, it will be assembled SNES Pis with the game on them, no guide. The Guide/Artbook is the limited edition portion!
The price may change (That's depending upon if the vendor changes the prices :( )
Now, if you're interested in ordering a SNES Pi Flames of Eternity edition, just e-mail to get this party started! :)

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  1. Could we please get images of the pi units and/or of the guide?

  2. I am REALLY interested in the guide itself, I'd love to have a physical guide for this game, or I'm at least curious to see what the guide looks like.