Thursday, November 21, 2013

More informational updates!! :D

Greetings True Believers!

Today I bring you some more updates on several bits of information!
Play-testing is almost complete on the RC-7B build of Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity.
If things continue to go smoothly we should see a release within the next couple of days!

For some more updates! I have posted a picture of a put together SNES Pi. :)

The first batch will be mailed out the same that RC-7B is released. THIS IS INTENTIONAL. So that RC-7B will be available on the blog before the buyers get the SNES Pis in hand. That way the first batch of SNES Pis arrive around Thanksgiving time!

After Friday, we will no longer offer the SNES Pi: Flames of Eternity Edition package which has the guide/artbook included with it.

If you are interested in ordering an SNES Pi, don't be afraid to email:!

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