Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Who would pay for this to be put on an SNES cartridge or a Raspberry Pi prebuilt system?

We would like to know. If we can get enough interest, we may do something big!

Share and enjoy!

Added: we need to know which you would buy, an snes cartridge or a raspberry pi?

Added more: The snes raspberry pi route would take care of those that no longer have an snes. These would also include something from us developers, be it a signed strategy guide or similar. Besides you can connect a Pi to a hdtv and have a controller.


  1. Absolutly!

    By the way: Is it possible that you guys could make a DS version of this game? Or has the DS Chrono Trigger not been hacked yet?

  2. as long as the price was resonable i would pay.

    $20 -$50 shipped to my door and im down.

    and fully complete btw :)

  3. I would love a snes cartridge of this and would pay =)
    Btw, do you guys think you can list or share the tools you use to modify FoE? I've been wanting to learn how to modify CT for some time now :o

  4. Well, I don't have a SNES anymore, so I guess I wouldn't buy. Maybe, but it will be just to help the project or for collection.

  5. I would buy a repro cart of FoE.

  6. Alternatively, someone could whip up a custom Steam overlay image and set a steam shortcut for FoE to use with Steam's Big Picture Mode

  7. I would consider buying a cart for up to $50 if it was as close to bug/glitch free as an official square SNES rpg cart. As well as money back guarantee if it is unsatisfactory. If you guys can do that you may have my money.

  8. SNES cartridge all the way for me!!!